week #1 carry my own reusable water bottle

water_200595On a hot summers day, like we’re experiencing in London today, it is important to stay hydrated. Beverage companies have made it easy for me to pop into my local store and pick up a bottle of nice, cold mineral water. But what is the cost of convenience?
Here in the UK alone we spend £1.4 billion on bottled-water each year1. This is especially embarrassing when you consider that nearly 1 billion people around the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. We have somehow been duped into paying for something that majority of us reading this can safely get from the tap, at little expense.
On top of that, the resultant waste around the world amounts to 1.5 billion tons per annum. The scariest part of my research was to learn that plastic is so polluting and difficult to destroy that pretty much all plastic that has ever been manufactured is still around. So, those bottles of water that we have enjoyed are sitting in a landfill somewhere, or floating in the sea or have used precious energy to be made into something else.
If you want to learn more, this little video highlights the vast issues in a digestible chunk.
I’m struggling to get my head around the aforementioned numbers but what I do know is that I no longer want to contribute to them. My plan? To commit to carrying my own reusable water bottle when I am out and about. Yes, it takes a bit more foresight on my part but I think it’s the least I can do.
So, why not invest in a bottle of your own like this one? It looks good, it is reusable and proceeds go to providing clean drinking water for a child in Africa. Everyone’s a winner!
1 2010 statistics released by British Bottled Water Producers


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