week #10 buy cruelty free products

danteWe have a new flatmate moving in this evening. He is not your average lodger. In fact, he is somewhat more fury than a typical human, much smaller and incredibly cute. They call his breed a ‘Cavachon’ but really he is just a regular pavement special puppy who we will, no doubt, love to bits. I felt it only appropriate that this week’s small change should reflect current circumstances.

Having already committed to buying meat which comes from ‘happy animals’ one might think I have done my bit for our fury friends. However, it turns out that I could be doing more. Without thinking, I unintentionally continue to endorse cruel practices through the cosmetics and household products that I regularly use.

The opinions that surround the idea of animal testing are divided. While many condone the practice for its contribution to scientific development, others find it harmful and cruel and would argue that the benefits are not as advantageous as the testers claim. From an ethical point of view, I feel that testing on creatures when they have no voice to defend themselves is not a practice I wish to support. To be honest, I could not bring myself to do a search on ‘animal testing’ as I have a pretty clear idea of what I might find and I know it is beyond what I can handle.

As I began my anti-cruelty research I was quite devastated to find that some of my favourite cosmetics are not on the Cruelty Free list. I have been using my Simple skincare products for years and I am loyally devoted to the range; never mind my sumptuous make-up choices and luxurious bodywash and hair products. It was at that moment when I realised that this is not going to be an easy transition. Finding substitutes is going to take some effort. Yet, with the vast array of BUAV approved products available I really have no excuse.

So, I am going to slowly starting phasing out household cleaning products and cosmetics that are not cruelty-free. Hopefully, in a few months, I will have transitioned to using all non-animal tested brands. For inspiration I need look no further than websites such as those mentioned above, as well as, Ethical Consumer (thank you Stella) and shopping at stores such as the Co-Op, who have earned themselves a lifetime achievement award for their commitment to animal welfare. It will be sad bidding farewell to creams, lotions and detergents of which I have grown so fond but all I have to do is look over at little Dante, fast asleep in his basket, to know it is worth the challenge.


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