week #23 be water-wise

file9411302983356It’s the first week of the year and all around me people are making resolutions. Considering I have made twenty-two ‘resolutions’ in as many weeks I think one more for the sake of a new year might just be the end of any motivation I still possess. However, it is that time of the week when I ‘resolve’ to change something that I could be doing better or take on a new challenge for the greater good.

Toward the end of last year there was a lot of talk about a potential water shortage in and around London. In all honesty, I thought it sounded a bit ludicrous considering how much it rains here but according to this report it is true. It looks like the local authorities are doing their bit but those of us who form part of the ever-increasing population need to get involved too. This is not an isolated problem. Thanks to climate change, drought is causing untold problems all around the world – failing crops, lack of drinking water, compromising health and sanitation – and valuing this commodity is a good habit for all of us to form.

It is rather shameful when I consider all the many ways I waste water. I hardly ever finish a glass of water and tend to pour out what is left, there are the long showers I enjoy and rinsing dishes entails running them under a tap rather than immersing them in a basin of water….and the list goes on. I take comfort in knowing I am not alone, as these statistics confirm.

To counteract my wasteful ways I am going to become a lot more diligent about the ways I use water. Do I really need to run the hot water every time I wash my hands? By firing up the boiler each time I am producing unnecessary greenhouse gases. Really, a couple of minutes under a hot shower is sufficient to ensure I continue to smell like roses. Yes, it is winter and yes, it can be torturous getting out from under the hot spray but it is all in the name of saving the planet! A bit dramatic? Maybe just in the name of saving a few litres then. It all counts! Instead, I will reward myself with a nice warm cup of tea, from the kettle that will be filled sufficiently for the cups intended and no more. When running the water for dishes, do I really need such a full basin for a few glasses? It is not rocket science, it just takes a bit of ‘saving-savvy’.

Right, I’m off to cook for some friends. I’m quite looking forward to finding ways to save water, starting with an idea from this webpage that suggests reusing water from rinsing vegetables to water house plants. Not only is this a great idea, it means my plants will actually get watered (this is a luxury they have mostly learned to survive without). I’ll end it there as the flow of ideas has reduced for now. Let’s hope my water consumption does the same.


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