week #39 read responsibly

booksI am currently blogging from a quaint cottage in the village of Titchfield. As respite from the monotony of sitting at my desk, studying for exams, I drove to meet my husband after yesterday’s start of examination fortnight. Imagine my delight when aforementioned husband found a little treasure this morning lurking amongst the ‘bathroom literature’. Even if somewhat dated, the Go MAD guide to making a difference suggests over 500 ideas for saving the planet. Such a find was the ‘small change’ equivalent to Pandora’s box! Therefore, all credit for this week’s post goes to…uuhhhmmm…I’m not sure as the cover states no authors.

Anyway, as this season of my life is all about books, books and more books I was excited to find a series of entries in the Go MAD guide dedicated to being a responsible reader. I tend to agree with many book-lovers who would argue that nothing beats the feel and smell of a book. Yet, undertaking literary studies meant that I was running out of storage space for the numerous books and notes I was accumulating. Reluctantly, I made the switch to an e-reader and I must admit, it has revolutionised my studies. Also, having all my notes on Evernote means I can access them wherever I am, whenever I need them. This way I save trees and time!

However, if the thought of ‘going electronic’ seems utterly unappealing to you, why not pass on the books you’ve read to someone else or sell them on Amazon? Better yet, donate them to a charity shop to be sold on to help those who really need it. Or why not join up to your local library? Old-school, I know.

Another great suggestion is to use a bookclub forum to read books about current issues as a way of staying engaged with what is going on in the world. I love this idea but I suspect I might be banned from bookclub if they must endure consecutive books about poverty, the environment and social injustice. Maybe just once in a while then?

What I find truly encouraging is the notion that there are small changes to be made in almost every area of my life which will be of benefit to the wider community. Even when I’m sitting in a wood-panelled cottage in a random village, absorbed in studies.


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