2012 | living below the line day one

lbl_oneWe have made it through day one of living on £1 and although we had enough to eat, we both lacked that feeling of satisfaction and contentment after our one main meal yesterday. It probably didn’t help that I mass-produced 500g of rice pudding rather than nice fluffy servings of rice and our sausage casserole that must sustain us for the week is…well…fine. A breakfast of jam toast and an instant noodle lunch filled the hole but the prospect of repeating this routine all week is not particularly appealing.

If anything I have come to realise that this challenge is helping us to understand one small aspect of extreme poverty but, in reality, we will never be able to fully comprehend the hardships. Yesterday we had to decline offers of tasty biscuits and wine from family members which we would have been able to partake in even if we could not afford it ourselves. This is one of the stark contrasts between our situation and the circumstances faced by the world’s poor; our community and family have plenty and we know that we always have somewhere to turn if times get tough. For those in extreme poverty, there is no way out; no-one to give them a leg-up or support when they are desperate. More than ever I feel the weight of responsibility to do what I can to use my privileged position to help those who do not have the means to help themselves.

As I sip my mug of hot water I consider that I do not have to pay for the gas that heated it or the water itself out of my £1…and I think of those who do. And I am so grateful for all that I have.

If you are inspired by the Live Below the Line challenge, you can support us here!


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