2012 | living below the line day two

lbl_twoIt is nearing the end of day two of our Live Below the Line challenge and the novelty is beginning to wear off. I am feeling rather partial to a nice warm cup of hot chocolate or, better yet, a fat slice of carrot cake in all its ‘three meals worth of calories’ glory. Another day of toast, noodles and something resembling sausage casserole and the monotony of eating simply to survive is starting to take its toll.

I have to big-up my husband who is faring remarkably well for a 6ft4 male with a typically healthy appetite. Despite the difficulties of taking the challenge while staying in a hotel for work, he is embracing the experience and simply getting on with it.

I have tried to keep myself busy today by doing things around the house but I have noticed that I  unintentionally avoided anything that required too much effort or attention. At times I caught myself wondering listlessly around the flat thinking about all the delicious treats I could be enjoying if my budget allowed such luxury. It is not the hunger that is most difficult to contend with, rather the lack of freedom of choice. All I keep thinking is that I only have to endure this for three more days while 1.4 billion people must continue to live this way until we can do something to change such an unequal situation. You can make a difference today by donating on our Live Below the Live page.


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