2012 | living below the line day three

lbl_threeYou know your food is unappetizing when the dog stops begging at meal times. Even the smell of sausage casserole made my stomach turn this evening but survival instinct surpasses any aversion to taste.

Last night I struggled to get to sleep as hunger pangs tormented me. The dog decided he needed to relieve himself at 4.30am and thanks to the disturbance I lay awake in the early hours of the morning dreaming of my anticipated toast and jam.

This evening I went over to a friend’s house where the girls enjoyed wine and a delectable dessert of strawberries and ice-cream. I was struck by the metaphor; the contrast of those who have and those who do not. My own typical excuses for inaction confronted me as I realised that we will always try and distance ourselves from the problems that are not our own. As we chatted about our typical monthly food-bill I realised that I can easily spend the monthly food allowance of someone in extreme poverty in just one day. While my instinct is to revisit my astonishment that such inequality can exist, I can no longer claim ignorance. I know all too well that it is the responsibility of all of us to step out from the periphery, banish complacency and do whatever it takes to ensure no one goes to bed hungry at night. Please, please do something, even something small, for those in extreme poverty today! If you want somewhere to start, you can start here.


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