2012 | living below the line day four

lbl_fourToday I cleaned the bathroom with a toothbrush. While this is a seemingly random piece of information it does reveal my desperate need to distract myself from my tedious diet and the grumbles of my stomach. I think the bathroom is now far cleaner than my insides after four days of sausage mush (I am no longer crediting it with the label ‘casserole’ which it stopped resembling a couple of days ago). The aforementioned dish induced gagging in both Fox and I today.

So opposed to eating the same meal for the fourth day in a row, I steamed some fresh rice and picked out all the bits of so-called sausage to enjoy a veggie lunch. In my haste to eat, I made the rookie mistake of failing to test the rice before I dished it into my bowl and mixed it with the vegetables. The result? Bits of diced veg that tasted of the offensive sausage, complete with the crunch of undercooked rice. Travesty. I had to eat it as I was reluctant to touch my remaining rations. I then had to cope with an aching stomach for the rest of the afternoon as the rice expanded post-consumption. Just one more day, one more day…

All was not lost as I pooled our remaining ‘sweet-treats’ for the day and concocted a dessert of crushed digestive, banana and Morrison’s 6p custard.

Regardless of how mediocre today’s fare proved I need to remind myself that it’s really not about me at all. Who cares that I had a bad lunch and longed to enjoy my delicious organic fruit and vegetables that got delivered to my front door this morning. On Saturday morning I will go back to my ‘normal’ way of life while millions around the world still go hungry. And that’s what really matters. Help change those lives today.


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