week #43 have one meat-free day each week

carrotsStill on the theme of food, I decided that this week’s ‘small change’ would be an appropriate follow-on from last week’s living ‘below the line‘. True to our South African heritage, Fox and I are big meat-eaters. If I even so much as suggest a vegetarian dinner, my husband’s forehead creases to reveal utter bewilderment at such a suggestion; his argument is that he ‘needs meat’. While I could propose numerous physiological responses to counteract such a claim, I habitually give in and include meat in every evening meal.

Yet, the environmental impact of society’s demand for meat is quite remarkable. When it comes to greenhouse gases, 18% comes from livestock. According to this article, meat consumption is set to double in the next 20 years due to developing countries becoming more prosperous. While this is good news for the poor, it is not great news for the environment and if we are all going to play our part in a more balanced world there needs to be a bit of compromise on all of our parts. While the facts are ambiguous regarding meat’s contribution to our health, one thing that we can be sure of is that veggies are good for us. Therefore, making an effort to eat more of them is surely a positive step toward long-term well-being. Really, I have no excuse when I already have beautiful, fresh produce delivered on a weekly basis courtesy of Abel and Cole, who support local, organic farmers.

The idea of a weekly meat-free day is not a new one. In fact, ‘Meat Free Mondays’ was championed by Sir Paul McCartney who highlighted the necessity to start thinking more about the impact our everyday lives are having on the planet.

When considering the numerous positive effects of a relatively easy tweak to my weekly routine, I am rather excited about implementing my meat-free day. For added inspiration I’m thinking a cookbook like this one will provide some welcome additions to my repertoire. When I take the time to consider the wider consequences of my everyday habits I realise that I need to be doing all I can, no matter how insignificant it might seem, to reduce my footprint on this planet; not just for the sake of us all but for those who must exist here long after I am gone.


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