week #44 get crafty

dante_smileI am feeling rather pleased with myself. I recently reacquainted myself with my sewing machine and produced a quilt and a clown outfit for my dog. Granted, I perhaps have too much time on my hands now that I am embracing my summer break but why not spend it doing things that I enjoy? I have always loved sewing. I used to look forward to trips to the home decor store ‘Biggie Best‘ when I was growing up. They sold fabric remnant bags which I would buy with the intention of producing fabulous creations, only to find the unopened bag under my bed years later. Yet the will was always there.

In light of this, I was rather excited when I was recently introduced to the concept of ‘craftivism‘ by Sam who helps facilitate the ambassador programme (of which I am a part) on behalf of the Global Poverty Project. In short, it is a way of using crafts to convey a message in a creative way. I understand that this might sound like a somewhat ‘girly’ form of activism but Craftivist Collective have a couple of great ideas – such as rewording well-known signs or posters – that are accessible to anyone and relatively easy to do.

I have never been inclined to protest or picket but craftivism provides a platform for communicating issues in an effective and non-confrontational manner; it gets people thinking, talking and it creates awareness through its quirkiness.

So, my aim is to make my own jam (a feat never before attempted by me!) and then sew messages onto some fabric for the jam jar lids. Everyone wins! By bestowing gifts of jam on my friends and family, I am simultaneously campaigning about issues through the accompanying messages.

Anyway, it’s probably best that I direct my creative attention toward a more worthy cause or who knows what I might dress my poor dog up as next?


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