week #45 surf with purpose

surfUsually I would be sitting out in the park enjoying the glorious sunshine at this time of the year. Instead, Great Britain is experiencing the wettest spring/summer on record…and this is not an exaggeration. What it does mean is that I am spending a significant part of my ‘summer’ break indoors finding things to keep myself occupied. This week alone I have made substantial progress on my cross-stitch sunflowers, watched the whole of season 7 of Grey’s Anatomy and spent most of yesterday morning making puppy-party invites for Dante‘s first birthday.

This excess of time indoors also means that I am finding myself in front of the computer for a large portion of the day. Once I’ve checked my emails and Facebook and played my moves in ‘Words with Friends’ I’m mostly up-to-date with my online communication. The trouble is that I then end up wasting time aimlessly flitting from one website to another and this typically ends in an online purchase of a random item that I probably didn’t need in the first place. It’s the most dangerous type of ‘window shopping’.

Yet, online surfing doesn’t need to be ineffective. Just today I found two great sites that I previously didn’t know existed. Recyclenow is a great resource for all things recyclable. I am a regular spring-cleaner and while I like to have a good clear-out, I really dislike just throwing things away. With natural resources quickly being depleted and billions of people living without everyday necessities I can not bring myself to just throw something away that could be used by someone else or, at the very least, recycled. However, the difficulty arises when I am unsure how to go about recycling things such as bedding, batteries, water filters etc. This is no longer an issue as I now have a way of finding out where the nearest depot is for all those miscellaneous donations. Hooray! The other website I happened upon is called Goose and Grey and already I can tell I will be back here. A new t-shirt design is offered in support of a different charity each month and the designated charity receive £5 from every t-shirt sold. So simple, yet so effective.

Stumbling upon these websites reminded me of the wealth of information and resources that the internet offers. I simply can not imagine my life without it; I also wonder how much more effective I would be if it wasn’t such a distraction. So, it got me thinking, if I tweak my habit slightly and ‘surf with purpose’ I can still have a bit of internet time during the day but it wont always be a waste of time. I intend to find at least one useful/ethical website a week that will be a helpful resource in the future or even just a place where I can learn something new. It may not be a ‘sun and sea’ summer but that doesn’t matter to a surfer like me….a web-surfer, that is.


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