week #48 be loyal to giving

cardsHere in the UK it pays to be ‘loyal’. Most of the big retailers offer some sort of loyalty scheme which usually requires the customer to produce the respective loyalty card when making purchases. As a result, my wallet bulges from the strain of its contents (and it’s not money), proving that I really have very little allegiance to any particular store. I collect points everywhere!

The trouble with such schemes is that there is typically more incentive to spend than to save and the rewards are generally fairly insignificant. Yet, never one to turn my nose up at free stuff, I diligently collect my points for the sake of whatever reward ensues.

I was interested to find that my most recently acquired card, from the Shell Driver’s Club (oh the prestige!), gave me the option of donating my points to a designated charity of my choice. Being the thrifty shopper that I am, I naturally opted to spend my points on groceries instead. However, when I took account of how much petrol I would need to purchase before I could even buy a packet of biscuits, I realised that those points really weren’t going to amount to much in terms of saving on my monthly shop.Yet, my £2.50 worth of points could go to helping rehome an animal if I donate it to the RSPCA. This just makes so much more sense. It doesn’t cost me anything extra; simply filling up with fuel becomes an opportunity to make a difference. It couldn’t be easier.

It turns out that I can do the same with my Nectar card and my Tesco Clubcard. The Co-Operative Membership card is in a league of its own; members actually get a share of the profits at the end of the year. Again, my share is unlikely to amount to much but it is something and that too will be allocated to a charity if and when it eventuates.

I am really excited by this week’s ‘small change’ as it captures everything that this blog is about; something that is really easy to tweak in my everyday life that has a wider positive impact. It doesn’t get much easier or more rewarding than this!


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