week #52 use small change to make a big difference

pigI have mixed emotions about this post, my final proposed small change. Admittedly, I am somewhat relieved that I don’t have to come up with something to change each week; a challenge that found me digging deep on many an occasion in order to change my habits for the better. I doubt I am nearly as relieved as my husband who has been coerced into eating vegetarian meals, swapping his favourite toiletries for those that are animal-friendly and distributing his hard-earned money to numerous charities. However, his good-natured support has been the thing that has kept me going and neither of us are worse off for any of the changes I have made (so I like to think!). I am also aware that my final small change should be something significant to mark the end of an interesting, sometimes difficult, but mostly-enjoyable experience. On the other hand, such a sentiment defies the true nature of what this blog is all about: simple tweaks, that any of us can introduce into our lives, that have the potential for wider impact.

Appropriately, I have decided that my final ‘small change’ involves just that: the coins that we collect in a jar at home. I must admit that I probably contribute about 5% of the contents while Fox empties his pockets on an almost daily basis. Therefore, at the risk of over-exploiting his charitable side, I am proposing to give one micro-finance loan to an entrepreneur each time we empty the jar. That way we are contributing part of our collection to the greater good, while Fox still has a small sum leftover to spend as he so wishes, from his jar that takes a significant amount of time to fill. Organisations such as kiva.org and Lend with Care are changing so many lives and I can’t think of a better way to spend our pot of ‘small change’.

Notably, I am posting this from Madagascar, a country where poverty suppresses the hopes of so many and is evident in the infrastructure, the atmosphere and the people. Physically witnessing individuals, who are the very reason I am committed to seeing an end to poverty, is all I need to keep going. That’s why I have decided that I am not done with this blog. I have committed to fifty-two changes but keeping track of all of them has proven tricky. So, for the next fifty-two weeks I will be revisiting each change and reporting on successes, difficulties and progress made.

To all who have followed my journey I hope you will continue to do so and perhaps opt to make a few more changes yourselves.

After all is said and done, I have found that making these small changes has made a big difference in the least expected of places; in me. And my hope is that it will not stop there.


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