stopping to think before I spend

spendI am quickly realising that my greatest adversary to doing good is busyness (and my recent addiction to Downton Abbey as his sidekick). Between family, work, studies, dog-walking, volunteering and whatever else I seem to find myself caught up in at any given moment, I am ashamed to report I am resorting to lifestyle choices that prioritise convenience over ethics.

When reflecting on small change #7 I realise this is one area – spending – where I have really slipped up. Despite my best intentions to consider each and every purchase before I commit, I have resorted to seizing any available moment to browse the shops – something that has become somewhat of a luxury of late. During my recent trip to Texas I was staying a mere five-minute walk from the biggest shopping mall in the state, The Galleria. “Think before I buy? Did I really commit to that? Never!” Alas, I found myself hypnotised by the allure of pretty window displays and shiny new things and went into shop-a-holic mode of days gone by. This is exactly why I am revisiting each change: to ensure I remain committed to the things that can make a difference.

So the next time I catch myself thinking, “Ooh, look at that gorgeous the correct response is “Do I really need it?” and not instantly reaching for my wallet. Thinking before I spend means less clutter at home, a happier bank balance and more freedom to give where that money will truly make a difference.


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