eat (leftovers) and be merry

merryIt’s the countdown to Christmas and because we are all caught up in the buzz and flurry of the season, I will try and keep this week’s post short and sweet.

There are two things that are associated with modern Christmas tradition and sadly, I suspect, it is not the miracle birth of Jesus that first springs to most people’s minds. It is instead food and presents. So while I do not necessarily approve of such a sway from the true meaning of the holiday, I can appreciate that it is all part of how we celebrate at this truly special time of the year.

It is then appropriate that I should be reflecting on small change #8 which was my commitment to reduce personal food wastage. This has actually been a change that I have wholly embraced – to the point where I eat the same meal five days in a row if I have cooked too much! It has been surprisingly fun trying to find ways to use up odds-and-ends in the fridge and I’ve been exposed to some weird, but mostly wonderful, taste sensations.

So, if you open the fridge on Boxing Day and you are faced with such delights as cold sprouts and solidified custard, why not visit one of the many websites dedicated to Christmas leftover recipes. While you pull together some tasty treat, spare a thought for the one billion people around the world that will go to bed hungry. If we all reduce the amount of food we waste, we subsequently reduce demand on resources which allows for room to balance the scales between us and the world’s poorest. Now that’s something to celebrate!


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