energy saving is a bit of a shocker

energy saving is a bit of a shockerIt’s winter, which means the tumble dryer is in constant use, the heating is set to 22°C and lights go on at 4pm when the sun makes a premature departure. It is with these habits in mind that I guiltily reflect on small change #9 in which I proposed to reduce my reliance on our natural resources.

When I consider my implementation of this change into my life, my immediate reaction is ‘eek!’ I hate to admit that I have not been vigilant about turning things off at the wall, only boiling as much water as I need for my cup of tea or never leaving electrical appliances on stand-by. However, I did hang my washing to air-dry this evening so I’m going to give myself a minuscule amount of credit for that.

Rather than dwell unnecessarily on my lack of progress in this area I am going to whip around the flat to turn off plugs, lower the thermostat and pull on some additional layers for warmth instead. Here’s hoping that by metering my own progress the gas and electricity readings will reflect my efforts.


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