cruelty-free cleanliness

jumperIt’s New Years Day and the temptation is to write about resolutions and fresh starts. Instead, I am appealing to the part of you that would rather not make a grand commitment in the name of 2013. It may seem counter-intuitive at this time of year but if I have learned anything from the small-change I am reviewing this week it is that some things take time and perseverance.
Buying household products and toiletries that have not been tested on animals hasn’t been entirely simple. This phasing out of the old and welcoming in the new has had its challenges; I have endured some of the worst tasting toothpastes, tried new foundation that looked like clay on my face and used shampoo that I suspect cleans something…but it is definitely not hair.
Yet, there is a success story here. My husband outright refused to change his toothpaste (“Nothing but Colgate cleans my teeth properly”) but he was willing to relent when it came to things such as face and body wash. A few days ago he mentioned in passing – and unprompted- that he really likes his Bulldog products. Winner!
I have come to love everything The Body Shop offers, household brands such as Method and Ecover and I even prefer the taste of my Kingfisher aloe-vera toothpaste over any conventional brands.
This tweak in my lifestyle hasn’t been completely straightforward but through gradually altering my product choices I have successfully changed a purchasing habit that leaves me, my home and my conscience feeling beautifully clean.


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