Smile the winter blues away

rox_danteI don’t have much time to embellish on this week’s review so it is with great relief that I can report I have embraced week 11’s small change which was a commitment to smile more.

When I originally decided to include this change in my ‘repertoire’ I admitted that I was not your typical happy, bubbly person. Instead I’d sooner have spent the day indoors reading a book than exerting myself to interact with people for an extended period of time (harsh but true!). Yet, over the course of the last year I feel as though I have begun to appreciate the joy to be found in chatting to strangers in the park (some of whom have subsequently become friends), making sure I say something kind to the cashier or smiling at people as I pass them on the street.

I would like to think that I am changing the world one smile at a time but perhaps that is pushing it. However, I don’t think it is unrealistic to hope that maybe a smile from a stranger is the highlight of someone’s day. I experienced this for myself earlier this week when a bus-driver tried to coax me onto his bus with a hand gesture and a wide grin. He was just being cheeky but I noted that the acknowledgment of a stranger can brighten an otherwise dull day.

So have a go. It’s winter and London is bleak but a smile can be a better remedy for January blues than a much longed-for ray of sunshine.


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