2013 | living below the line day two

day2Faced with half an over-ripe (read ‘black’) banana and porridge that would have come in handy if I happened to be putting up wallpaper, my breakfast was nauseatingly unappetizing this morning. But at least I was full. I do suspect I would feel the same had I ingested an edible lump of cement though.
At staff meeting, my colleagues sitting on either side of me had takeaway coffees which I calculated to total my entire food budget for this challenge. I wasn’t jealous…much.
Back at my desk, a colleague jokingly handed me bags of coins to put towards my fundraising target. It was probably enough for a cheap sandwich but to be honest, I’d very happily have swapped that for the breakfast I’d just endured!
My epic failure of a lunch was probably more than I needed on an already manic day. I hadn’t read the back of my pasta bag which stipulated milk as part of the cooking process. Yikes! I hadn’t factored that in. I was faced with a tough choice: watery pasta or use my remaining milk and forfeit tea for the rest of the day. I reluctantly opted for the latter. But as I walked back to my desk I reminded myself that my trivial choice pales into insignificance when millions around the world must make far tougher choices – life and death choices – as a result of their dire poverty. Then another  lovely colleague put sponsorship money on my desk and my cheese and broccoli pasta disaster didn’t taste so bad anymore.
An afternoon without tea was a drag and even my bourbon cream ‘treat’ was less enjoyable than I remember it being yesterday. After work my colleagues were going out but I naturally had to decline, rather grateful that I have my studies as an excuse.
I sound begrudging but really I am so privileged to be sitting on my comfy bed, having enjoyed lentil cottage pie for a second day. I’m also utterly grateful for everyone’s support during this challenge. Tonight I will focus on my studies without the distraction of constant trips to the kitchen. There’s always a silver lining. Sometimes you just have to look a bit harder. You can make my day even better by sponsoring me here.

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