2013 | living below the line day four

DAY4Only one more day to go.

I started the day feeling rather sad. I was missing my husband who is traveling for work. I longed to be sitting in my grandparents living room in South Africa; I wanted to go for a nice coffee with a good girlfriend; and I wanted to be with my sister in Australia who is expecting her second child. But I reckon my sadness really came from a deeper place. I think I just feel sad that my five day £1 challenge comes to an end tomorrow while 1.2 billion people still live in extreme poverty.

At this stage of the challenge I am simply eating to fill my stomach. The lentil cottage-pie that tasted good at the start of the week now tastes like flavoured mush and I’m not sure I can face another day of tasteless porridge.
But that is a choice I have. Millions are not in this privileged position. They eat to survive and in the case of hundreds or thousands of people each day, they don’t even have that much.

It’s simple really. This is an injustice that should not be allowed to continue. And I can do something about it. So can you. I’d love your sponsorship as I take this challenge but equally I’d love you to learn more about the ways you can make a long-lasting difference. There is loads of info on this blog or you can become a Global Citizen at globalcitizen.org. Now that’s something to get even more excited about than an Asda Smart Price 5.5p bag of crisps!


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