2013 | living below the line final day

DAY5What a week. My natural inclination is to summarise all the bland and boring meals I’ve consumed and make a fuss about my rumbling stomach. But, you know what? I actually feel so encouraged by this week.

I’m fully aware that extreme poverty is a major issue and one that is going to take a significant effort to counteract. Yet, what I’ve really felt this week is a renewed sense of hope in our collective common humanity. Our Live Below the Line team have raised almost £3,000 (wow!) and we actually had quite a lot of fun moaning about our meals and chatting to people about issues of extreme poverty.
I have been blown away by everyone’s support. My friends and family have been so encouraging, sponsoring me and sending me meal ideas.

I’m not naive. I know that poverty is an overwhelming issue that most people ignore because they feel helpless. But I confidently believe that things do not have to – and will not – always be this way. If you stand with me then please respond to this, my final request for sponsorship, here.

I’m already contemplating what tasteless bulk meal I’ll be indulging in this time next year…


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