Enjoying ethical sweet-treats

choccieWhen I opted to only buy Fairtrade or ethical chocolate I knew I was giving up some of my favourite indulgences. I suspect the sales of a certain brand of Swiss chocolate (Lindt…you know I’m talking about you) plummeted when I took a stand against enjoying chocolate at too high a cost: the exploitation of those those who suffer for the sake of my sweet-tooth.

I am so happy to report that a) I have been really diligent and committed to this small-change and b) chocolate companies are starting to realise that people want to enjoy choccie-with-a-conscience, so most of the popular chocolate brands are now offering Fairtrade bars in their ranges. On payday I might treat myself to a luscious helping of one of the numerous flavours in the Green and Blacks range. However, if I’m less inclined to splash-out, I can now opt for a Nestle KitKat, a Cadbury Dairymilk, Bubbly, some Chocos or Buttons and even a bag of Mars Maltesers.

In fact, I have found this change so simple that I have even challenged myself to opt for Fairtrade cocoa powder and reconsider buying chocolate biscuits when I know the chocolate used is likely not to be ethically produced. Before you think I am just showing off, I want to clarify that I am merely highlighting how anyone can do this.

So, as many people around the world participate in the season of ‘trick or treat’ why not opt to treat yourself by taking a stand against cocoa farmers being tricked out of a decent standard of living. Only buying ethical chocolate is a small sacrifice that can make a big difference to many lives.


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