Shopping with a conscience

lone_trolleyI have to admit that giving through online shopping is one of the action points I have really let slip. At first, I was so good at buying everything through Give as You Live but the little pop-up bar became a bit annoying. Once I had hidden it I quickly forgot about my commitment to let others benefit through my Internet purchases. I know that my spending online is likely to increase significantly as Christmas approaches and I am determined to get back on track. I have just re-downloaded the handy Give as You Live shopping tool which won’t let me miss another opportunity to give to charity at no extra cost to me (and how difficult is it to simply close the odd pop-up?). I continue to use Everyclick when doing most online searches and by setting it as my homepage I automatically use it to search rather than defaulting straight to Google. The best thing about these sites is that it couldn’t be simpler to make a difference just simply by doing what I would normally do online.

My next proposed change was a commitment to buying ethical meat and other animal products rather than simply opting for the cheapest on offer. Again, this is not hard but it does mean paying a small premium to ensure that no animal has suffered for my dinner (or breakfast or lunch or snack…). I can’t claim to reach for the ‘Freedom food‘ endorsed meat option every time but I would say that I do more often than not. But when it comes to eggs I will not compromise; they’ve got to be free-range. It can’t be overlooked that the ethical food products can come with a slightly higher price-tag but in the grand scheme of things, is it really such a remarkable difference that I can’t compromise elsewhere (maybe forgo that chocolate bar or packet of crisps instead)?

While I do enjoy a bit of a shopping spree now and again, the whole experience becomes that tad bit more enjoyable when I know that others are benefiting or I am shopping responsibly. Is there any better excuse to shop? As if I ever needed one.


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