Change for good

I changed someone's life today I’m on a staycation this week. In reality this means I have been doing household chores and tackling my extensive ‘rainy day’ list. Hidden amongst the mostly boring jobs was a task that I have actually been quite excited about.

Small Change #52 was a proposal to use half the money from our household coin jar to give a micro-finance loan. The jar itself has been full for a couple of months but the real effort is in the counting. So, armed with my plastic bank bags, I sat myself down in front of the Sunday afternoon family movie and dutifully counted what amounted to £70.98. Not bad for some coppers and silver. This means I had £35 allocated to go towards a loan.

Up until now I have felt quite hypocritical being an advocate for micro-finance loans when I’ve never actually given one myself. That all changed this afternoon when I signed up to Care International’s and opted to give a £30 loan to the Tiyeseko Group in Chipata, Zambia. With the help of loans these women have risen to become the breadwinners of their families. The money from my loan will go toward buying fertilizer so that they can grow more produce for their shops. I used the other £5 to donate directly to Care International who are enabling families to find their own route out of poverty; people just like you and me who were simply not born into the privileged situation that perhaps we were.

Now I just wait for my money to be put to good use and then eventually paid back to me, when I can withdraw it or opt to help someone else. Imagine the incredible impact if we all decided to give even just one micro-finance loan. I see this as a no-brainer solution to helping people out of poverty. My hope is that you will too and join me in making a big difference in someone’s life by doing this one small thing: giving a micro-finance loan today. Just click here.


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