Are cheap clothes worth it?

see through fashion_FotorIf you’re anything like me, you like clothes but prefer not to pay a premium for them. There are few experiences that elicit as much elation on my part as going to the checkout to pay for a pair of jeans, or shoes, and realising the item is actually on sale. Joy personified!

However, in April this year 1,100 men and women lost their lives through working in Rana Plaza, an unsafe factory in Bangladesh. The harsh reality is that these people were making the clothes that I would likely have bought for a few Pounds some weeks later. Certainly a chance to re-evaluate my priorities. Are cheap clothes worth the lives of hundreds of innocent, hard-working people?

In the past I have tried to buy what I term ‘ethically manufactured clothing‘ but admittedly I have fallen short of my aspirations. The availability of truly fairly trade clothes is limited and who, realistically, has the time to research every purchase?

The solution lies in a simple proposal by the Global Poverty Project to start putting pressure on all fashion retailers to ensure safe working conditions and fair wages.

Do you agree? You can have your say by completing this quick survey about transparency in the fashion industry.


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