Going bananas for Fairtrade

bananaThe Fairtrade Foundation have launched their Stick with Foncho campaign to coincide with Fairtrade Fortnight (24 Feb – 9 March 2014). The campaign is calling on supporters to sign a petition asking UK Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable, to investigate the impact of supermarket price wars on banana farmers worldwide. One-third of bananas sold in the UK are already Fairtrade which is great progress in the movement to ensure everyone is paid a fair wage. However, supermarket competition means that the price of bananas has been driven down so significantly here in the UK that many farmers are forced to live below the poverty line. A quick bit of online research of UK supermarkets shows you can buy a kilogram of bananas for 68p. In contrast, a kilogram of British-grown cox apples will cost you £1.67. This comparison shows a disproportionate difference between the cost of the British produce and that of a product typically sourced from a developing country. Playing your part in changing the prospects for banana farmers is as simple as signing your name against this petition. Will you make a difference this Fairtrade Fortnight? Oh, and go on, treat yourself to a Fairtrade choccie too.


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