Two things to do this International Women’s Day

sponsorBefore you let International Women’s Day pass you by, just take one moment today to imagine what it might be like not to have control over your own life or the circumstances in which you find yourself. This is what is at the heart of poverty. Women make up 70% of those living in extreme poverty¹. These women have names, they have families and they have hopes and dreams – like me and like you. Today you can give a woman the chance at a better life. Here are two easy things you can do today that can have a big impact in the life of another.

It has been said many times over that one of the best ways to alleviate poverty is through education. One way to get more children into school is through child sponsorship. At Compassion projects children are given the opportunity to go to school, they are fed and given medical attention when they need it, but most importantly they are able to experience hope. When you consider that one-third of the world’s children live in extreme poverty², you quickly realise how much organisations like Compassion need our support. By sponsoring a girl this International Women’s Day you are giving her the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in her own life and dream of a future in which she can rise above her circumstances.

I have often voiced my support for well-managed microfinance organisations such as The reason I keep harping on about it is that I am yet to find a reason not to finance a microloan. For as little as £25 you can transform someone’s life. Once you have given them the chance to work their way out of poverty they will pay you back. You can then simply draw out your money or give a loan to someone else. I can’t really think of a more mutually beneficial system in which we work together to end poverty once and for all. You can be part of the solution by giving a loan to a woman today.

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” Wise words from Kofi Annan to spur us into action this International Women’s Day.


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