Living Below the Line in 2014

LBTL-logo1Few documentaries have affected me the way Mugabe and the White African did. I recall anguishing over whether to cry from despair or to scream with anger when I first watched the film. I wanted to do something about the injustices taking place in Zimbabwe, which I had just witnessed, but I felt too far away and helpless.

That all changes this year when a group of friends and I Live Below the Line on behalf of the Mike Campbell Foundation, the organisation started by Ben Freeth and his family, with a vision to eliminate the infringements of human rights in Zimbabwe.

Mike Campbell was the Zimbabwean commercial farmer and conservationist who, with his son-in-law, Ben Freeth, took President Robert Mugabe to court over his programme of land seizures. Mike Campbell and Ben Freeth have worked tirelessly on justice issues for the people of Zimbabwe for the last ten years. Their abduction and torture after the Presidential run-off election in June 2008, carried out by militia acting on behalf of the authorities, resulted in the death of Mike Campbell in April 2011.

When I consider everything that these men have done to counteract the atrocities which take place in Zimbabwe on a daily basis, the very least I can do is live on £1 for food and drink for 5 days to raise awareness and funds for such an inspirational charity. If you would like to know more about what they do, you can read about their work here.

To show your support, visit my #belowtheline page where you can donate a few pounds and say something nice!


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