Below the Line 2014 Day One

ImageThree years into it, I know how to do this living below the line thing: don’t waste your money on terrible meat, eat lots of pulses and start the day with a large portion of cement-like porridge.

But then I do something silly such as forgetting to soak my split peas overnight and I can’t make my intended supper. Instead I’m stuck with my less-than-substantial lunch leftovers and end up going to bed feeling unsatisfied. I turn in early because an evening without any pre-bedtime snacks seems unappealing.

A day to remind me you never learn how to ‘do’ poverty; one unfortunate incident can have consequences. In my case trivial, but in the life of someone who is truly living in poverty, devastating,

Day one of Live Below the Line is typically the ‘easy’ day; it’s still a novelty to eat watery porridge, a bland lunch and a mushy dinner. While my fellow LBL teammates and I compare our disappointing meals via social media, the reality is that millions around the world today will be experiencing the same thing without the privilege of sponsorship or any end in sight.

If you agree that no one should go to bed hungry, please show your support here.

Today’s menu:
Porridge with sliced banana 11p
Minestrone soup with homemade bread 33p
Minestrone soup with homemade bread 33p (again!)Snacks: 2 x chocolate digestives 8p


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