Committed to cruelty-free

bunnyHaving recently subscribed to I am fully aware of my proximity to tree and bunny hugging territory. Isn’t it odd how trying to do the right thing can often be seen as a bit ‘hippie’? Well, rather than hide behind my current issue of Ethical Consumer Magazine wearing dark shades and a Trilby I am flaunting it here for the sake of all those who wish to make changes for the common good.

Speaking of bunnies, it has been one year since the European ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals. This ruling made my small change #10 (committing to buy cruelty-free products) much easier to uphold. Since then I have been faithful to a small range of make-up, skincare and household products which claim to be free from animal testing.

However, I was dismayed to discover that many of these products aren’t quite as ‘good’ as I first thought. According to this report – which measures impact on animals, environment, people, politics and sustainability – my Body Shop skincare only scores 5.5/20 while the Attitude household cleaner currently under my sink comes out at 11.5/20.

Perhaps it seems ‘over the top’ to be concerned with product scores but if I am truly committed to making a difference I want to know that I am trying my very best. So, I am phasing out my Body Shop products in favour of the Green People skincare range and recently bought a Bentley Organics handsoap rather than my usual Method brand which only scored a 13/20.

As I find new products that I like I will be updating my Ethical consumer Pinterest board so do keep an eye on that for ideas. Even if you just change a couple of products you are already making more of a difference than you might think to people’s lives, animal welfare and the environment. I’m holding out for the day when making the ethical choice will be the norm rather than the do-gooder option. Until then, I hope others will join me by looking, smelling and feeling good in the most ethical way possible.


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