Going bananas on day three below the line

bananas_lblYou know things are getting desperate when you google ‘what to do with banana peels’. It turns out you can use them to polish shoes but when it comes to culinary uses I am still open to suggestions. In other LBL kitchen news, after peeling sloppy dough from soggy baking parchment, I was forced to admit my first attempt at tomato and herb bread today was a bit of a dee-zaa-star. It’s day three and one does start to panic about supplies for the next couple of days dwindling. I’m already trying to imagine some gourmet offering using only spaghetti, tomato puree and swede.

For those who may have been a bit concerned about the impact of my limited diet on my baby daughter, I am pleased to note that my milk supply is back to normal today and she is getting all the nourishment she needs. It feels slightly odd updating the world on my breast-milk situation but I guess I started the conversation! Whatever the reason for my reduced supply over the last couple of days – be it lack of calories, subconscious anxiety about limited food or another reason entirely – I will never forget the sadness I felt in my heart for mothers who must endure the stress of poverty on a daily basis. Yet, I do not see them as victims, rather as incredibly strong, resourceful women who make immense sacrifices and do admirably well with what little they have.

As I watched the Duchess of Cambridge standing on the steps of St Mary’s hospital today, with her newborn baby girl, I considered the millions of mothers around the world who give birth in the most primitive and unhygienic conditions. There is no one waiting to take their pictures or report their stories, but maybe there should be. I too love a good news story but perhaps I spend too much time consumed by the comfortable world around me and fail to look for the ‘real life’ stories that can be so difficult to read or hear. Nevertheless, a hearty congratulations to the royal couple and to every other woman who gave birth today to a beautiful, important baby. May they all be given the opportunity to fulfill their potential as celebrated human beings.

If you would still like to give to the incredible work of Tearfund, for whom I am living below the line this year, you can do so here.

Today I ate porridge, toast with homemade cream-cheese, lentil cottage pie, two mini banana muffins, minestrone soup and tomato bread and two and a half (hubby had the other half) banana oat cookies. Oh, and a cup of tea. Meals totaled 87p for the day.


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