Mrs Grumpy Pants on fourth day below the line

naanI’ve been grouchy today. I didn’t feel like sludgy porridge this morning or bland minestrone soup for dinner. I burned a naan bread and set off our smoke alarm (while the baby was sleeping…argh). I moaned at hubby for eating two slices of bread as a snack when they were allocated to dinner (‘We have a menu!!”). I got a little bit sad at the thought of a bank holiday Monday without a nice glass of wine or chocolate. I was hungry for most of the day. Major pity party over here.

Then, in the next moment, I am embarrassed at how ridiculous I am being. In less than 36 hours I will go back to my ‘normal’ life where I can enjoy all the little luxuries that make me so happy and get me through the day. I have been restricted to £1/day for food but can spend what I need to on everything else. If I was genuinely living in poverty my £1 would have to stretch to education, medical expenses, housing, clothing and more. It is just unimaginable.

Each year I am reminded that this challenge is less about food and more about lack of choice. Poverty is so restrictive. You feel as though you are looking through a window at everything you could have; you can see it but you can’t touch it.

Perhaps I am less put-out about my current circumstances and more frustrated that extreme poverty is still an issue today when it just doesn’t need to be. And that makes me really grumpy.

If you would like to give to the incredible work of Tearfund, for whom I am living below the line this year, you can do so here.

Today I ate porridge (bleugh), tomato toast, sweet potato, lentil and chickpea curry with rice and naan bread, (bland) minestrone soup with what bread my husband hadn’t eaten, three banana cookies, one cup of tea and two cups of hot water. Meals totaled 85p for the day.


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