A day of reflection

undergroundsignTen years ago I was standing on a Piccadilly line train on my way to work. For reasons I can no longer recall, that particular morning I was feeling grouchy. I do remember I was tipped over the edge by a lady slipping into the free seat on the tube carriage which everyone could see was rightfully mine. I was so irritated I got off the train and boarded the Hammersmith and City line instead. When I arrived at my desk I turned on my computer to read the breaking news: a Piccadilly line train had just been bombed. My mood instantly changed from irritation to utter disbelief. I still get shivers thinking about it. Nothing like a close shave with tragedy to give you a bit of perspective.

I will never know if I was on that particular train hit by the 7/7 bombers that day but I do think I am alive ten years later for a reason. Today’s tributes have made me realise how apathetic I can be. I am so good at making excuses for why I don’t have time to do anything constructive: new baby, cooking, cleaning, husband away, blah, blah, blah. But who am I fooling really? It doesn’t take much to use my voice as a mouthpiece for the voiceless. Maybe a few less episodes of Nashville (box-sets are my Achilles heel!) and more time spent blogging, reading, studying…being reasonably productive on any level.

You see, we all have the potential to be world-changers in our own small way. Perhaps it sounds naive, but it really is that simple. I have changed the world around me if I made someone smile today. If I walked rather than drove somewhere, I did my bit for the environment. If I said I care about those living in war-torn countries and gave a couple of quid to the relief effort I have impacted someone’s life.

Dream big, start small. Just do something.

That is my conclusion on this day of sombre reflection.


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